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Collaborations / Chiara Leto x Villa Lena x Goooders

During her art residency at Villa Lena, Chiara was approached by the founder of Goooders, and editor of Vanity Fair Italia, Eva Geraldine Fontanelli, to work on a very limited collection of dresses.

During this time she decided to explore even further the infinite gifts of nature, spending two months digging deep within her practice, as well as trying out new techniques, such as natural dyes. 

The response to this project was great, with the dresses selling within forty-eight hours from the launch, and all profits donated to a social cooperative based in Milan called Cooperativa Alice.

The ingredients used by Chiara to dye the dresses were: avocado pits, avocado skins, red onion skins (all food scraps from the kitchen at Villa Lena) and pomegranate flowers from the trees found on the property of the villa.

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